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State and Federal Agencies
CBDA California Bay-Delta Authority
California Department of Fish and Game
Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (U. S. Department of Food and Agriculture)
California's Noxious Weed Information Project, a California Department of Food and Agriculture page
US Fish & Wildlife Invasive Species Homepage
              USFWS Federal Noxious Weed Act Page
Bureau of Land Management's Weed's Website
United States Geological Survey Nonindigenous Aquatic Species Program
              USGS History of Exotic Species in San Francisco
              USGS List of Nonindigenous Aquatic Species Publications
California Sea Grant College  
University of California Weed Science Program
University of California Weed Research and Information Center
100th Meridian Initiative

Animal Industry and Trade Organizations
California Fisheries and Seafood Institute
California Seafood Council
Pacific Coast Federation of Fisherman's Association
American Pet Products Manufacturer's Association
Pet Industry Distributor's Association, PIDA
Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council, PIJAC
Great Lakes Sport Fishing Council Exotic Species Web Site
Marine Aquarium Council

Plant Industry and Trade Organizations
The California Landscape Contractors Association
Lawn & Garden Marketing and Distribution Association

Conservation, Public Interest, and Outreach Groups
San Francisco Estuary Project
Center for Marine Conservation
San Francisco Estuary Institute Biological Invasions Page
California Exotic Pest Plant Council
CalWeeds Database
CalFLORA, a botanical resource for California
California Native Plant Society
Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants
National Biological Information Infrastructure, NBII, the California Information Node
Western Aquatic Plant Management Society

National Web Links on Nonindigenous Species
Aquatic Nuisance Species Task Force Web Page
Western Regional Panel
              Western Region Nonindigenous Aquatic Species
Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC)
National Biological Information Infrastructure Page
Northeast-Midwest Institute Web Page on Biological Pollution- Aquatic Invasive Species
National Sea Grant Program highlight on ANS
National Sea Grant Library
Sea Grant Nonindigenous Species Site (SGNIS)
Sea Grant's National Aquatic Nuisance Species Clearinghouse
Sea Grant Marine Invasive Species Team (Oregon and Washington)
Northeast Aquatic Nuisance Species Panel 
National, has available an interactive map displaying 
  nationwide Zebra mussel sightings.  Take a trip through the tabs and watch the map light up.  
  Also included are links to articles, a more detailed dynamic map and more.

International Web Links
Global Invasive Species Programme
Centre for Research on Introduced Marine Pests (Australia)
Cawthron Institute in New Zealand
CIESM - Atlas of Exotic Species in the Mediterranean Sea

Books and Articles
Invasive Plants of California Wildlands
  Edited by Carla C. Bossard, John M. Randall, and Marc C. Hoshovsky, University of California Berkeley Press, 2000

Invasive Species in a Changing World
  Edited by Harold A. Mooney and Richard J. Hobbs, Island Press, 2000

Biological Invasions, Economic and Environmental Costs of Alien Plant, Animal, and Microbe Species
  Edited by David Pimental, CRC Press, 2002

Keeping Aquatic Plants In Their Place: Common Sense Tips to Protect Lakes and Rivers
  An article written by Holly Crosson, Outreach and Education Coordinator for the RIDNIS Project, U.C. Davis.
  Can also be found on-line at Landscape Online.

Other Links
"Life Out of Bounds: Bioinvasions in a Borderless World" 
      Chris Bright. 1998. Worldwatch Institute, W.W. Norton & Company, New York, N.Y.
      For more information visit:

"America's Least Wanted: Alien Species Invasions of U.S. Ecosystems." 
      Bruce A. Stein and Stephanie R. Flack, eds. 1996. The Nature Conservancy, Arlington, Virginia.
      For more information visit:

Northeast Sea Grant Network Aquatic Exotics News

Defenders of Wildlife's findings and analysis on exotic species in the United States in their Saving Biodiversity: 
      A Status Report on State Laws, Policies and Programs:

Impacts of Introduced Species in the United States, a report by Daniel Simberloff, published in CONSEQUENCES: 
     The Nature and Implications of Environmental Change, Volume 2, Number 2 1996, 
     published by the U.S. Global Change Research Information Office.

Halting the Invasion: State Tools for Invasive Species Management, a report by Meg Filbey, Christina Kennedy, Jessica 
     Wilkinson, and Jennifer Balch, published in Environmental Law Institute, August 2002;
     purchase required to receive the full paper.

The Nature Conservancy Invasive Species Initiative, an initiative written by the Nature Conservancy 
     provides information on the control of pests through prevention, restoration, research and outreach.

A Survey of Non-Indigenous Aquatic Species in the Coastal and Estuarine Waters of California,
   Click here to view the  Table of contents

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